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Premium tools and services.  (Click Here). By signing up you have access to premium (ie we pick up the cost) versions of:
  • Pocketsmith – in our opinion, one of the best money tracking and planning tools available anywhere in the world. Often described as Xero for personal finance, our members can sign up for a premium license on us. If you’d like to know more  about Pocketsmith click here.
  • Lawhawk. Create your wills and EPAs online through this New Zealand based tool. TRP members can access the Wills and EPAs package on us.
  • Planolite. Planolitix is a comprehensive cashflow planning tool used by a number of financial advisers throughout New Zealand. We have commissioned a client-facing version especially for our clients. This is the only tool of its kind currently available in New Zealand.
  • Coming soon: Deedvault. Ever considered what would happen if something happened to you? Where are you keeping all of your important documents and information? We are currently finalising due diligence on a secure electronic vault service which you can use to securely store and share such information with people who need to know. We will let you know when this is available.
KiwiSaver and Retirement Planning guides (Click here). We have prepared a number of guides to help you navigate major lifestages and events throughout your life from a retirement planning perspective. Visit our guides and resources page to learn more.
Tools and calculators (Click here). Are you in the right fund? How much will you need for retirement? How long will your retirement savings last in retirement? How much will your Kiwisaver be worth when you retire? Use our tools and calculators to help you find answers.
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Quarterly Future Focus. As a registered member of The Retirement Platform, you will receive our quarterly journal: Future Focus which takes a look at what’s been happening in the markets and KiwiSaver over the last quarter, provides details of new features we have released and provides insights into issues/concerns around retirement planning and personal finance.
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