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Pocketsmith Premium - How it works

All Money Platform registered subscribers are able to take advantage of a 'Foundation' membership to one of the best cash flow planning and budgeting tools available in New Zealand. This service is not free - We are picking up the tab on this. The only request we have is that you actively use Pocketsmith for managing your money.

By submitting this request, we will initiate a Pocketsmith gift coupon which you can use to pay your subscription for the first three months. You should receive this within 2 working days of submitting your request. At the end of that period, if you are still actively using Pocketsmith, you can request a further three month coupon, and so on. We will provide additional coupons each quarter.

NOTE: If you have more complex needs, we can alternatively provide 6 months 'Flourish' subscription or 3 months 'Fortune' subscription in any 12 month period. For more details: click here

Please enter a New Zealand phone number in the format provided. The last two digits are optional.

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